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Related post: Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 22:22:15 +0800 From: ryan Subject: Reformation-28*Disclaimer*If you are under 18 or not of legal age in your country, please do not read on. If you couldn't accept themes of homosexuality and the like, please don't read on. This is a story concerning gay males having intimate relationships and is teen bisexual orgy considered FOR ADULTS ONLY due to its sexual theme and contents. BUT if you really top teen porn like this stuff, please don't tell others.Everything in this story is purely FICTIONAL. Or in simpler terms, it's not true!!! Even if this story involves the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and other famous celebrities all that happens in here is fictional... again, it's not true. If there are instances that it is similar to what happened in the real world, it doesn't mean that it's really true. I don't know anything about their sexuality, as far as the I and the world know, they're straight as an arrow so I dunno if they're gay (but I do have my speculations) lesbian teen strapon porn or not but I wrote this out of freedom of speech and my love for these guys and slash fiction. I don't own or know the Backstreet Boys, NSYNC or other cited celebrity in the story personally. AGAIN, it's NOT TRUE!!! but don't we all hope that it's true... hehehehe...*First Words*Hi guys. Finally, I have decided to scrap off the HTML components of my stories. So, Reformation would be seen in the simple text format. I got a lil tired of putting it in HTML format but surely I'll shemale teen porn miss doing it! My other stories are still there in the archives. What I See (JC story) and Crossed Paths(Brian/Justin). I know I'm trying to manage 3 stories but I'll really try my best to update all my stories. And remember, I love feedbacks.MAIL --> yr_ry_hotmail.comThe Reformation 28I know that Brian and I solved many things last night. Most but not all. We still have a long road ahead of us and I know that this is the start. When I woke up, I felt Brian's hands around me. It was like he didn't wanna let go. I know that it was a nice gesture and a nice thought as well xxx teen angels but I just can't help myself to feel guilty about all of this. I was just lucky that Brian still loved me with what I did and for coming in Florida or this Wes guy would have slept with Brian and I know that it's beyond repair after that.My mind disney teen titans porn was playing what if's again but Alex's voice just echoed in my mind putting me to a quick stop. "Just gay teen sex stories be happy with what you porn sex video teen have." It's always what he said. Maybe that's why Alex is just so optimistic and sometimes, happy-go-lucky in his life.What do I have? I looked at Brian's sleeping face. He seems like a sleeping angel. It was just like the first time I saw him. I just can't help myself not to smile with the face in front of me. Slowly, his eyes opened showing the world once more how beautiful his blue eyes are. He was just staring at me and a smile formed in his face. "Good morning." Brian said. His southern accent was teen girl shower porn so obvious and I find it really sexy."Good morning too." I told him and then gave him a light kiss. "Did you sleep well?" I asked him as I toyed with his blond curly hair. Not like Justin's curly hair, it was teen titan comics porn just a little wavy I guess."As a matter of fact, I did." He answered. "It's nice having you here in my arms again." He tightened his embrace, maybe to emphasize his point. "It was so lonely when we were apart. Maybe I'm used to have someone gay teen boytemper I love beside me when I sleep. It was always restless and what we have right now is what I really want.""We're gonna make this happen, right?" I gay teen chat room asked him."Yeah and no one is gonna stop us to be together forever." He replied. "Do you want some breakfast?" He asked. My mouth didn't answer but a grumble in my stomach did. "I guess you are." He laughed. He stood up and then tried to control his bed hair. He looked at me and offered his hand. I held his hand teen shemale porn pics and he pulled me up from the bed. Our hands didn't part but just stayed together with fingers intertwined."What's for breakfast?" I asked him.Brian seemed to think about it for a while but just chuckled. "I have no idea." He told me. "I just got home yesterday as teen cheerleaders porn well, remember?" He said to me. Silly me. The two of nude young teen us were walking down the flight of stairs when I smelled something. It was bacon."Bacon?" I asked Brian."It must be Wes." Brian told me. Oh yeah, Wes. I totally forgot about him. Maybe I was hoping that this Wes guy didn't even exist. The two of us entered the kitchen and Brian was right, Wes was busy cooking breakfast. "Mornin'." Brian said that made Wes jump a little bit.Wes spun around and looked at us. He smiled at us and nodded. There were 3 plates amateur teen porn on the dining table already. "You did all of this?" I asked him."Sorry, I didn't ask for your permission but I wanna do something nice this morning." He answered."Thanks." Brian and I said at the same time. We sat on the chairs beside each other and we waited for Wes to be done with what he was doing. The food on the table wasn't that much compared to the ones we usually have that Kevin orders but I think this was more than enough for the three of us.Once Wes was seated on the chair, Brian cleared his throat. "Father in heaven, thank you for this new day and chunky teen ass porn the food that's on the table. Thank you for bringing back Martin in my life and teen schoolgirls hardcore porn thank you for Wes here who has been a great friend. I hope that you continue blessing all of us. Amen." Brian said. Once that was done, Brian was piling my plate once more with different bits of food. "You're gonna eat right when I'm around." He told me. I glanced at Wes who was looking at the two of us amused."Bri, don't you think that this is teen amature porn sites too much?" I asked looking at the amount of food on my plate."Nonsense. You can finish that." He told me and I know that I was gonna finish this pile whether I like it or not. I glanced at Wes who was covering his mouth prolly chuckling at the display he's watching. I think Brian is teen titans sex truly one rachel teen porn in a million."So Wes, did you sleep well?" I asked as I started to eat my breakfast."It was peaceful. Again, thanks for the hospitality." Wes smiled at Brian who just nodded in affirmation. I dunno why but it seems that there was an air of tension among the three of us. Maybe it's the fact that Wes did admit that he was planning on sleeping with Brian who was oblivious of that, as what he claimed, and I came along in the picture."So what are you up to now?" I asked 18 teen porn once more trying to be spark up a conversation coz it was deathly silent already."I'll just continue on designing clothes and work in the cafe. You know, the same old stuff for me." He laughed. "How about you, Martin?" Wes asked me."Well, I'm just gonna enjoy my time with Brian coz this would be the last time I'm gonna have the chance to have that." I replied.Confusion flashed on Brian's face. Uh-oh. "Last time?" He raised his eyebrow."Didn't erotic young teen porn I tell you that I landed a job in the NSYNC tour?" I said."No." He said. "You're gonna work in the NSYNC tour? What about us?""Bri, you know I can't turn down that opportunity and I do have to earn money coz it's not just me anymore, I have Alex now. I hope you understand." I all asian teen porn tried to reason out with Brian. But knowing Brian, he's gonna be stubborn about this."I planned our time together. white teen pussy We were gonna go to the Caribbean and then we'll go home to Lexington..." He enumerated stuff that he planned but I placed my finger on his mouth shutting him up."I know you planned everything up and as tempting as it may seem, I have to decline. It's gonna be just a couple of weeks and then I'm all yours. If you want, you can come with us. Nick's gonna be there and so is Alex." I suggested trying to stop a growing argument between the two of us."Do you think young teen getting fucked it's okay for them?" young teen porn 15 Brian asked meekly."I think it's teen toon porn okay coz like I said, Nick's gonna be there and they did allow Alex to join." I answered. Knowing the NSYNC guys, I know they'll agree. They are a friendly bunch anyway. "So, everything okay with us?""Yeah." He said and kissed me. "Now, let's continue breakfast and you still have a long way mister." Brian pointed at my plate, which seemed to be so much in my perspective. Oh well, I guess I'll return eating."Sorry about that Wes." I apologized to Wes who we seemed to forget already. He just smiled and lesbian teen asian porn waved his hands signifying that it was nothing. We resumed having small talks and of solo teens nude course, eating. But like I said, there was an air of tension surrounding us so it teen romanian porn wasn't that comfortable. Once we're done with breakfast -- I did finish all of my breakfast -- Brian volunteered to do cleaning duties and as usual, our words fell unto deaf ears when Wes and I refused to let him do the chore."Just go to the den and I'll follow shortly." He said to the two of us. So we did. Wes teen penis porn and I walked to the den and we sat on the couch -- not close to each other but prolly the farthest to each other."So." I started. He looked at me. I looked at him. Our eyes locked but not like the way Brian and I looked at each other. It was more of recognition of his presence there. A sorta reality check that this guy is really in front of me at Brian's house."So." He said repeating what I said. I guess teen porn credit card it's not teen porn babe that me that's feeling a little awkward. We teen porn zoey have talked about the basic things yesterday so I have no cute teen girls porn idea what I'll talk about with him at the moment."Are you really okay with this?" I asked him. animal teen porn I know it was a sensitive topic but it's the thought free preview teen porn that entered my mind. I just hope I didn't offend him.He looked behind him checking if Brian was there and looked at me. "Actually, no." Wes answered. "No offense but I'm not okay with what happened. I'm happy that you two are back together but safe free teen porn I'm free teen porn dvds a little sad that I wasn't the one." Wow, talk about honesty and bluntness."None taken." I said to him. "It's nice that you're being honest. And can I be honest too?" I said hesitantly. "I'm really uncomfortable too with, um, this situation we porn teen queer have. free teen porn moviescom It's just like seeing my boyfriend with the other guy and that's just tough to handle for me.""It's nice that we are being honest to each other." He told me. He reached out his hand and I took it and shake it. Why? I have no idea. "Do you think we can be friends?" Wes asked me that kinda took me by surprise."Friends? I think we teen porn free sex can." I answered. I heard footsteps tiffany teen nude video and the two of us snapped back to our seats like no conversation ever took place."So what happened while I was gone?" He asked as he settled down beside young blonde teen porn me."Nothing." The two of us replied at the same time. The two of us looked at each other and laughed out loud with the coincidence that happened."So, what are you two up to today? Anything you wanna do?" He asked like an excited free sample porn teen kid. I smiled at him finding the sparkle back in his eyes. That's one of the things I missed about Brian nudist teen porn -- his drive and passion. amateur interacial teen porn When you look at his eyes, you'll see the sincerity and truthfulness. Just like an angel."Anywhere with you is fine for me." I answered and he smiled at me. He gave me a peck at the lips that sent a teen girl lesbian porn tingling feeling across my body. It's nice to feel once more love."Well, I have to go back to cafe coz I do need to work to earn teen porn strapon a living." He answered and then looked at his watch. "Oh shit! I'm late. I have to go Brian, Martin. Thank you for the hospitality and everything but I need to go to work now." He stood up hastily and walked to the door."It's okay. If you need anything, just call me okay?" Brian walked to the direction where Wes was walking and I followed as well."Yeah." He answered quickly and walked out of Brian's house. The two of us just checked on him standing by the front door. He was almost jogging to the gate, which was open already after Brian pressed lesbian teen squirt something in a remote control thingy. Wes looked back at us and waved a goodbye. The two of us waved as well and when he was out of sight, we closed the door leaving the two of us in peace."Do you have any plans?" hot teen nudes I asked at him as I traced my finger across his chest with a grin plastered on my face."Not yet but I think you have a good idea in mind." Brian answered me with a tinge of longing and lust. When Brian talks that way, it totally drives me crazy like I wanna tear away his clothes and ravish him at that moment. free teens nude pics I grabbed his hands korea teen porn nude and placed them at my butt. "Wonderful idea."I locked my lips with him as he kneaded my ass. My hands were in his shirt crawling to free teen masturbating porn his nipples. Once my thumb found his nipples, I rubbed them in a circular motion making Brian moan with our lips still sealed together. "Bed. Now." I panted. But Brian didn't move. Instead a mischievous grin appeared and he removed my shirt. "What?" I said confused.He removed his shirt and we were standing topless near the front door with just our boxers on. He kissed me once more but this one was more hungrier. He pushed me back but my legs fresh teen porn videos weren't moving and the next thing I know was that I was lying down on the marbled floor with Brian on top of me messing up my hair.Oh my God. Here? But reason flew out of my mind when Brian squeezed my crotch eliciting a moan from me. I never imagined that Brian has such talented hands because I was experiencing the jack off of the century. I have never experienced that much free teen couch porn sensation when I do it alone but this was overload. "Bri..." I moaned once more.Brian sucked hungrily at celebrities teen porn my neck and I know what would happen after a few more seconds. One major hickey for me. Well, I'm not complaining. My hand just kept on roaming on Brian's body feeling the heat that he was giving off -- heat of passion. He stopped his assault on my neck teen twinks boys porn and supported by his two hands, clips of teen sex he pushed himself a few inches off of me and stared at me. I saw a different side of Brian. Usually, he's the innocent and serious looking type of guy but from my long lesbian teen porn point of view at the moment, it was purely opposite. With his hair sticking at all directions, lips swollen and his eyes teen porn jpegs seemed to be clouded by lust and love. It was purely different and I enjoy this side of him the most -- especially in special moments like this one. "I want you inside me." I whispered at him as I stared at him.His eyes bulged out like he has seen a ghost. "Inside you?" He stuttered. I nodded at him. It was such a long time already and after all the drama we underwent, I know that he didn't expect that I'll offer myself to him at this early time. I non nude teen portal nodded at him and he smiled at me. "I think the bed idea is the best." gay teen twinks He told me and I can't help not to giggle.He scooped me off the floor and carried me like a bride entering their honeymoon suite. But the amateur teen porn exploitedteens difference is that we are already buck-naked. He wobbled a few times when he climbed the flight of stairs that made me laugh. "I know you can do it babe." I tried to encourage him. Well, it was a comfortable climb except the few bumps along the way. But the point is that we made it.Brian placed me on the bed and then jumped on me laughing like a child as we tangled ourselves with the sheets. I thought we were gonna have sex? After a few minutes, all movements seized except our quick breathing. We laid beside each 1960s teen porn videos other and it seemed like we had made love already but we haven't yet. "You know, I still want you inside of me." I suggested at him."Well, I want that too." He giggled and looked back at him. He opened the drawer of the table beside the bed teen porn tube and took out the lube. Always ready I see. He looked back at me and moved on top of me. I could feel his hardness pressing on my right thigh. I think he really wants this too.The two of us kissed once more. By the minute, the intensity of the passion we both have seemed to be increasing exponentially and it's like it teens first sex clip was endless -- infinite passion. I let my hands roam to look for his hand because I know that he was still holding the lube teen porn ******** and I was over wanting because I need him inside of me. I found his hand carrying the lube and took it from him.I dunno how but I ended up with a hand filled with the lube. I took Brian's hand and let me lubed hand to place some teen swinger porn on his hand. I broke our kiss and stared at him with intensity. "Work me and gay teens from belarus I'll work you." I said huskily and my hand reached for his penis that made him jump. He young teen nudes smiled at me and I felt his hand, which is cold, traversing to my ass.I focused my attention to his penis as I jacked him off slowly making it as slick as possible. "You're so amazing." Brian groaned and I felt a finger at my hole that is slowly trying to enter. I tried to relax as much as possible to make it easier and it did. His finger pushed in after a few seconds. I could feel his finger roaming inside me and I know that something is much better than that.He pulled his finger out and I felt two fingers enter me. With our lips locked, I can't say kat teen porn any word and so was lesbian teen fisting porn he because all we did was some animalistic grunts and moans. I continued my assault to his penis, which seemed to be the slickest thing in the hentai black teen porn world. Again, his fingers pulled out and in goes three. Now, his fingers entered with a little pain shooting across my body but I was too overpowered by the passion and the need. His fingers kept on roaming and stretching my hole teen sex forum and it was a fantastic sensation especially when he hits my prostate.He broke the kiss we teen she male porn were sharing and looked at me. "Ready?" He asked. I was out of words and could only nod in agreement with him. He pulled out his fingers inside of me and I released my hold unto his penis and placed my hand at his back with my other hand. I could see the concentration in his face as he ready himself to enter me.I was feeling mixed emotions. I was nervous yet excited about this. I felt the head of his penis touch my hole and I know that what I'm waiting for is almost at hand. I felt him push and I felt his head try to enter me and with all the stretching exercise that he did to me, I can still feel a little sting. It was really so long since we did this. "Are you okay?" He asked me as I winced once more once he pushed his head into me."Go on." I told him. He pushed some more and I tried to bite my lips so I won't scream because of the pain. He kissed me and he pushed slowly until he was in me completely. He didn't give me a chance to scream because his lips are on mine. His hands kept on caressing the side of my face that gave me tingly sensations. He stayed motionless and he released his hold on my lips. "Make love to me, Bri." I said to him as I embraced him tightly and our lips were locked once more.He pulled out a bit and pushed in again hitting my prostate and his taut stomach was rubbing my penis. Good thing we were kissing coz we were already moaning like crazy. What can we do if we are teen goth porn really vocal when we make love? He kept on pushing and pulling in me and that really was giving me an overload of sensations and add to that the feeling nice teen tits of my prostate being touched a lot and my penis being rubbed by his tummy and mine.I have no idea how long we were making love but I really didn't care. If it's possible, I hoped that we wouldn't stop and we would just go on forever and ever and ever. "I'm close." Brian said in between kisses that we teen nudist sex porn were sharing."Me too." I told him in between kisses. I could feel Brian speeding up his motion and when he does that, he's really puppy teen porn close but teen porn vidoes that just causes my dick to be rubbed quicker as well and that's just starts me up to a really quicker orgasm. "Bri, I'm cumming. Oh!" I groaned as I tensed and released my load."Ohhhhh!!!!" Brian moaned out as his body tensed over me and I felt his ejaculation in me. I could feel him shooting in me -- his seed in me. It's the most intimate experience.Once masturbating teen porn our climaxes were over, we laid together panting from the heavy love making that we just did. Then, Brian began giggling. granny and teen porn He was beautiful teen nude giggling over me and I can teen ass porno feel his body convulse with his laughter. "God, I miss this!" He barly teen gay porn whispered at my ear that made me laugh as well. Slowly, he pulled out from me and I felt the void in me. It's one of the worse feeling I had because it was like I was incomplete and something big from me boy gay teen was taken away.He laid on his back beside me and I just looked at him as he stared above. "I hot teen ass love you." I told him. Brian's head slowly moved to my direction until we were looking at each other. It was like free teen porn pics I was staring at his soul and all I can sense very little teen porn was love from his angelic face with his deep blue eyes."I love you too." He said. I moved closer to him and laid my head on his chest; just over his heart coz I can hear his heat beating a little bit fast. His hands toyed with my hair, which was long already -- it was like Nick's already. extreme asian teen porn I placed my hand over his stomach and I closed my itilan teen porn eyes. I wasn't tired but I just have the perfect lullaby in the world... nude asian teens and that's his heartbeat. And it's a nice thing to think that it's beating fast because of me.---------------- End of ChapterHi y'all!!It's chapter 28! Yup, I finally wrote it out and it was a tough thing to write. Well, that's my first real sex scene in the series but rated teen lesbian porn I still think I'm still new at that and it's not one of my strong points to write. :-D Anyway, there's nothing going on here that much coz I'm trying to stay away from drama for the next few chapters coz I was reading the past chapters and every chapter seems so heavily filled with drama. So, it would be light and fun -- I hope.I also want to apologize for the delay of my stories coz I'm trying to manage to write 3 different series so it's a tedious process, plus, the heat here in the Philippines really induces a serious writer's block for me!Thanks to ALL of you who have taken the time and MAILED me! I truly appreciate it very much. A big, big shout to my Danish pals, Chris and Danny, I hope you always be in love forever coz you compliment each other perfectly. You two are made for each other! :-)PLEASE!!!! Send me feedbacks... I'm a feedback addict! I so love those feedbacks. Short, long, good or bad, or just whatever... drop me a line okay? I also have most of the IM programs out there and I'm usually on, hopefully you can catch me.AIM : pseud0ry Yahoo! : yr_ry MSN : ICQ : 156360427Also, I'm usually in the boyband chatroom.NEW Addie is: yr_ry_hotmail.comEMAIL me.A big 'HI' to the people in the Nifty Boyband Chatroom and CRAZY!!! They are so nice, especially Wes, Dru, CJ, Duckie, teen babes nude Strat, Clive, Jayson... and the list goes on. Wanna say hi to my friend Byron who have helped me with his support and his friendship! Stay strong in your relationship! Finally, a big big 'thank you' to David who maintains the Nifty archives, without him, we won't be reading any of the best teen boobs slash fics in the world!UPDATED. Also, here are my suggestions of other cool stories in the archive that influenced me in my craft.NSYNC Stories. + Jamie's Romance xxx teen clips (Justin) + JC's Hitchhiker (JC) + Josh and Just (JC/Justin) + Lance in Shining Armour (Lance) + My New Life (Lance) + Justin's Dark Angel (Justin) + My Surprise Romance (Lance) + JC Dreams (JC) + My Soulmate JC (JC) + Love Thru Chat (JC/Justin, Lance) + Life with Justin (Justin) + Jimmy Needs Assistance (Lance) + Lance, JC and an Astral Fan (Lance/JC) + Lance's Search (Lance/JC) + Like the Rain (Justin) + Time Stood Still (Justin) + Sans Vous, Je Suis Rien (Justin) + Chance Meeting (Justin) + Needing You (Lance/Eminem) + Justin and Redemption (Justin)Backstreet Stories. + Because I teen fuck porn chatrooms Love You (Brian/Nick) + Double Take (Brian, Nick) + Bad Boy B-Rok (Brian) + Kevin and Dustin (Kevin) + French Kiss Me (Brian) + Millennium Love (Brian) + Forever (Kevin) + Get Another Boyfriend (Kevin) + Heir to the Darkness (Nick/Brian) + Insecurities (Nick) + On the Streets (Kevin) + Brian and Tommy (Brian)Crossover Stories. + Brian and Justin (Brian/Justin) + The One (Brian/Justin) + Mother Knows Best (Justin/Nick) + Living (Almost all of NSYNC, BSB and school teen porn 98') --> found in
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